What was Imam's views and stance regarding the minorities living in the Islamic Republic of Iran?

 Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran had issued several recommendations and guidance lines about how to behave with minorities. Imam believed that the minorities should be fully blessed with all types of social, political and civil liberties including holding religious gatherings. The great Imam also had given special instruction that all minorities such as Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians must be dealt with kindness, justice and should be granted with all religious and social freedoms. They must be blessed with equal rights just like their Iranian Muslim fellows. They are fully free to express and preach their beliefs, build worship places and hold religious assemblies.

According to Imam's view, the government of the Islamic Republic is obliged to defend the rights of minorities and the Islamic Republic system is a real democracy where the rights and freedoms for all minorities should and must be observed. The Islamic government must resort to logic to provide answers for religious queries being asked either by the followers of the other religions or the Muslim masses.

By exploring the speeches and works of the great Imam someone can easily conclude that Imam used to give importance to the rights of minorities.

Readers are recommended to consult Imam's works including Sahifeh ye-Imam and other books written about Imam's views on human rights, religious and social freedoms.

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