Which food is yours?

In Paris one day when the family of the Imam was guests at the house of one of their friends, the Imam stated that both Ayatullah Mutahhari and Ayatullah Saduqi should take lunch with him. I took three bowls of “Abgusht” (meat boiled in water with pulses) that was the customary meal to them and thought that I myself would go to the other building and as was usual eat bread, cheese and tomatoes that was the customary food there. When I took the meals, he asked, “Which food is yours?” I could never lie and told him that, “You please take your meal; I will go later to the other building and eat something.” He stated, “Go and bring a bowl.” I took another bowl and he divided the three meals into four and gave one of them to me.”

Which food is yours? Mrs. Dabbagh

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