Institute publishes ‘Imam Khomeini, a global addressee in French, Urdu, Italian and Spanish

Institute publishes ‘Imam Khomeini, a global addressee in French, Urdu, Italian and Spanish

A book titled "Imam Khomeini, a global addressee" has recently been published in French, Urdu, Italian and Spanish languages.

This collection, which was previously compiled and published in English and Arabic languages, contains letters written by foreign people and dignitaries to Imam Khomeini and sent to his home and office from across the different parts of the world. 

More than 10,000 foreign letters have been translated and edited by the efforts of the International Department of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works.

The precious collection has been compiled with language separation and titles, and includes some of the letters along with the complete translation. The letters have been classified under various chapters such as congratulations, dedication, invitation and prayers, war and peace, Salman Rushdie's apostasy and blasphemy, request and condolence.

The classified book, "Imam Khomeini, a global audience", until has been published in six languages which include in English, Arabic, French, Urdu, Italian and Spanish.

The significance and importance of reading these letters is due to the fact that in current era of communication, pen and writing play a key role. These tools keep playing a special role in reflecting tones and expressions. These letters still have a special position and prestige, and writing letters with a frank and sincere tone shows the special attention and interest of the writers to Imam Khomeini and their sense of intimacy, closeness and comfort with the leader of the nascent Islamic revolution in the 1980s...

With a general look at all the letters; one can understand the wide range of the audience and the diversity of the writers' nationalities. In addition, by reading these letters, those who are interested can see Imam this time from the perspective of the world and get to know more about the different aspects of his personality.

The international department of the institute has published 300 topics of works by Imam Khomeini in more than 25 living languages.

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