Is it possible to be resurrected as a human being

This phrase of Imam Sadiq (pbuh) breaks a person’s back

One day in his sermon, Imam Khomeini stated that a person came to see Imam Sadiq – peace be upon him – and said:

“O descendant of the Prophet of Allah I have come to make a request to you that you intercede for me on the Day of Resurrection and mediate that I go to paradise and attain eternal bliss.

In response Imam Jafar Sadiq – peace be upon him – told him that he (Imam Sadiq) would guarantee intercession on his behalf but provided that he was resurrected as (in the form of a ) a human being.”

The Imam then remarked:

“This phrase of Imam Sadiq – peace be on him – breaks a person’s back. Is it or is it not possible for us to be resurrected as (in the form of) human beings (on the Day of Resurrection)?”

Taken from: Impressions from Imam Khomeini’s Memoirs, vol. 5, chap. 7, p. 181.

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