Karbala was all about passion to find the truth

Acts of bravery in Karbala, he believed, should make us more vibrant to find the truth

As a prominent teacher of seminary Imam's method of teaching was highly interesting and practical.

He used to sit among the students and listen carefully to the lecturer.

If any disagreement was made he would warmly welcome it and did his best to give a convincing response to his audience.

The great Imam recommended that "class discussions create a productive atmosphere in which a student makes considerable progress."

Therefore, he promoted us to be argumentative about rejecting or accepting a subject taught by his Excellency.

The more argumentative we are, the more passionate we emerge. Struggles to find the truth, in this sense, are compared with the lessons we should learn from the acts of bravery shown in the tragedy of Karbala, Imam explained.

Narrated by: Ayatollah Ja'far Sobhani

Howzeh journal, no. 32


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