Imam's manner of speaking was uniquely inspirational

Imam's manner of speaking was uniquely inspirational

The atmosphere of Imam's classes was highly spiritual and angelic

I remember a memorable session I had with the great Imam who was then teaching us at the seminary of Qom.

The subject of that class was on the Islamic ethics and it was being held regularly on Fridays.

On the day we attended the class, it was very crowded; apart from seminary students, the ‘Bazaar’ traders and businessmen had come to listen the speeches of Imam.

Further, the time of his class was around one and half, but its impact on us would last for the whole week. The subject of discussion was also interesting for the audience and participants.

That day Imam started his class by reciting a verse from the holy Quran.

His voice along with his words was inspirational and full of passion. As soon as he wanted to say his words we started to weep unconsciously. It was a strange scene but full of heart peace and spiritual calmness.         

Many years have passed now from that session but its memory has been engraved on me for a life time.

Narrated by: Ayatollah Ebrahim Amini

Impressions from Imam Khomeini’s Memoirs, vol. 5, chap. 7, p. 176


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