Imam Khomeini Observed Fasts in Chilling Heat of Najaf

Imam Khomeini, the world spiritual leader  stayed in the holy city of Najaf about 14 years and used to tolerate the chilling heat of the region during the summer season. He used to observe fast during the long days.

The domestic servant or helper who came to gather dishes after the dawn meal during Ramadan once said to Imam's spouse regarding his food habit as following:

“Honorable lady when I take tray from Imam after dawn meal, I feel nothing of the food stuffs have been consumed. Imam just eats half of a small piece of kutlet (a small piece of cooked traditional Iranian Kebab made from potatoes and minced meat)”.

Imam used to keep fast during these tough long days with the harsh summer conditions.

(A memoirs by Siddigheh Mostafvi, the daughter of Imam Khomeini)

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