Second International Conference of Imam Khomeini(s) and the Ashura Culture

Chairman: M Wa’ezzadeh Khorasani
Time: 11-13, Khordad 1375
Place: Tehran University, Tehran

    On the threshold of the seventh anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise and the Ashura Culture, the second international conference was administered in Khordad 1375 by the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works and the cooperation of the Shahid Foundation of the Islamic Revolution in order to elucidate various dimensions of Ashura Culture and teachings of Imam Khomeini (s) with the responsibility and calling for today’s society and contemporary generation in front of such a culture and to talk about its different aspects which were present in the personality of the Imam as jihad, rising, and his leadership in Islam and Revolution, and self-sacrificing and devotion in the religious culture.



  • Collection of Articles for the Second International Conference of Imam Khomeini (s) and Ashura Culture (first volume), the titles:


1-      an Echo of the Movement of Imam Hosayn (AS)/Alireza Aqahosayni

2-      Conduct and Operation of Imam Khomeini (s), Ashura-like/Abdoljavad Ibrahimi

3-      From Madina to Karbala, from Fayziyya to Jamaran/Abolqasem Iqbalian

4-      Juridical-Legal Bases and Perspectives of the Imam Connected with Ashura/Mohammad Reza Aminzadeh

5-      Imam Khomeini’s Type of Personality and Mobilization of Masses/Ahmad Bakhshayesh Ardestani

6-      Reviewing Political Positions of Imam Khomeini(s) and their Connection with Ashura Culture/Gholamali Purya’qubi

7-      Roll of the Religious Reformist for Removing Superstitions/Sayd Mohammad Saqafi

8-      Impact of Ashura Culture on Peotry After the Islamic Revolution/Mohammad Daneshgar

9-      Imam Khomeini and Mourning for Imam Hosayn(AS)/Ali Davani

10-  A Survey in Ashura Literature and a look at its Manifestation in the Islamic Revolution/Sayyed Mohammadali Dibaji

11-  Network of Purposes for Ashura Movement in the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini(s)/Gholamreza Zaker Salehi

12-  Role of Imam Khomeini(s) in Removing Superstitions and Reconstructing Ashura Culture/Hasan Rahbari

13-  Imam Khomeini’s Ethical-Mystical Perspectives in Relation to Ashura/Ali Zamani Qomshe’i

14-  Ashura, Culture of Magnanimity and Generosity with its Reflection in the Leadership of the Deceased Imam/Abdolrahim Aqiqi Bakhshayeshi

15-  Artistic Bases and Perspectives to be Inferred from Ashura Culture/Abdollah Ghaybi

16-  Effect of Ashura Culture and its Presentations in the Imam’s Thought/Sayed Ahmad Alamolhoda

17-  Religion and Politics from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini(s)/Kazem Qazizadeh

18-  Progress of Ashura Literature in Azarbayjan/Mostafa Qolizadeh Alyari

19-  Hazrat Aliakbar(AS) in the purport of Passion Plays/Gholamreza Goli Zavare’i

20-  Arts and Ashura/Mortaza Morvarid

21-  Legal and Juridical Perspectives of Imam Khomeini(s) in Connection with Juridical Dimensions of Ashura Rising of Imam Hosayn(AS)/Ahmad Va’ezi

22-  Reality and Ideal in Ashura Rising according to Imam Khomeini(s)/Khosrow Vafa’I Sa’di

23-  Role of Imam Khomeini(s) in Reviving Religious Thought Impressed by Ashura/Elaheh Hadian Rasnani


  • Collection of Articles for the Second International Conference of Imam Khomeini (s) and Ashura Culture (Second Edition), their titles and names:


1-      Composing Elegies in Persian Poetry until the 9th Century AH/Sayyed Hosayn Ehterami

2-      Silent Instructor/Ahmad Ahmadi

3-      Role of Leadership of Imam Khomeini(s) at Different Stages of the Iranian Islamic Revolution/Mahdi Adibi

4-      Position of Holy War and Defense in Islam/Majid Amini

5-      Imam Khomeini’s Ashura-Like Guardianship and Continuty of Iranian Islamic Revolution/Hasan Beigmohammadi

6-      International Dimensions of Ashura/Abdolkarim Biazar Shirazi

7-      Islamic Movements in Muslim Countries and Iranian Revolution/Hasan Beigmohammadi

8-      Preliminary Defensive Jihad/Naser Pazuki

9-      Investigation in the Depression of Sorrow in the Behavior of Imam Hosayn(AS)/Mohammad Taqdiri

10-  Culture and Formalities of Rising/Shariatmadar Jaza’eri

11-  The Koranic Culture of War and Jihad/Sayyed Alireza Ja’fari

12-  Role of Religious Leadership in Directing the Challenges, Campaigns and Risings/Sayyed Ahmad Khatami

13-  Naynava in History/Ardeshir Khodadadian

14-  Movement of Hosayn and Dignity of Hosayn/Mostafa Delshad Hosayni

15-  Epistemological Analysis of Discourse Bases/Mohammad Sa’idimehre

16-  Obedience in Ashura Culture/Sayyed Ibrahim Saydalani

17-  Ashura Epic, Basis for Transformation and Vigilance/Sayd Mohammad Shafi’I Mazandarani

18-  Ashura, the Support for Shiism/Sayd Ja’far Shahidi

19-  Artistic Bases and Perspectives that Can be Percieved from Ashura Culture /Ahmad Sedqi Ardestani

20-  Anthropology of Kufa/Ne’matollah Safariforooshani

21-  Uprising and Leadership in Teachings of Ashura/fazlollah Salavati

22-  Characteristics of Confrontation and Justification of Unequal Wars in Religious Culture/Hasan Ashuri Langrudi

23-  Features of Leadership in Ashura Rising/Seddiqa Abbasinejad

24-  Imamate, Movement and Life/A’zam Ala’i Taleqani

25-  Ethical and Educational Examples in Imam Hosayn’s Rising/Mohammad Faker Meybodi

26-  Rising, Fighting, Defensing and Role of Religious Leadership in the Quran and Traditions/Abdolrahman Faqihi

27-  Imam Khomeini’s Position in Guiding Critical Situations in the Period of Revolution/Pakdeh Lotfali Latifi

28-  Effect of Ashura on the Culture of Jihad and its Trend in History/Ahmad Moballeghi

29-  Military-Propagation Tactics in Ashura Movement/Javad Mohaddesi

30-  Ashura Culture in the Statements of Ashura Evening/Javad Mansuri

31-  Doyen of Prevarication, Leader of the Virtuous (Why did Imam Hosayn(AS) not Compromise?)/Sayyed Reza Musavi

32-  A Look at Capabilities and Manners of Exploitation from Ashura Movement/Sayd Mehdi Musavi

33-  A Sociological Analysis of the Mourning Tradition for Imam Hosayn(AS)/Akbar Mir Sepah

34-  Resistance against Oppression in the Islamic System and the Human Rights/Hosayn Mehrpur

35-  A Sociological Approach to Ashura Movement/Mohsen Nasiri

36-  Horizon of Thought (similarities between Ashura Movement and the Iranian Islamic Revolution/Sayd Javad Vara’i

37-  A Survey of Scotchpaul Theory and its Modification about the Iranian Islamic Revolution/Naser Hadian

38-  Devotion and Self-Sacrificing in Imam Khomeini’s Teachings of Ashura /Mohammadali Arjmand Mohebi

39-  Role of Imam Hosayn’s Household in Ahura Movement/Alireza Ansari

40-  Elucidation of Devotion in Ashura Rising and its Connection with Iranian Islamic Revolution/Hasan Idaram

41-  Karbala incidence in the Mirror of Statistics and Figures/Abbas Ja’fari

42-  Taking Model from Ashura Movement/Khorasani Hosayni

43-  In the Pressure of Humiliation or Martyrdom, General Aims for rising in Ashura/Sayd Sadeq Haqiqat

44-  Self-Sacrificing and Devotion in the Domain of Religious Culture/Mohammad Rasul Darya’i

45-  Devotion and Self-Sacrificing in the Opinion of Hosayn(AS)/M.Naqi Salemi

46-   Self-Sacrificing and Devotion in Religious Culture/Mohammad Ellini

47-  Position of Martyrdom in Imam Khomeini’s Teachings/Hasan Maleki

48-  Paragons of Martyrdom, Teachings of the Martyred in Islamic History and Ashura Movement/Ali Nazari Monfared



  • Abstract of Articles for the Second International Conference of Imam Khomeini (s) and Ashura Culture


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