The Second Conference for Reviewing Economical Ideas of Imam Khomeini

Chairman of the Conference: Dr. Sayyed Mansur Khalili Araqi
Time of Conference: 11-12 Khordad
Place of Conference: Auditorium of Allameh Amini

In the second conference for reviewing Economic Ideas of Imam Khomeini, which was observed on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Imam’s birthday in Khordad 1379 in the research center of Teacher’s Training University, over 70 articles were received at the secretariat. All off them were recognized to be the result of valuable efforts made for the elucidation of economic ideas of Imam Khomeini.


  • Collection of Articles for the Second Conference, Reviewing Economic Ideas of Imam Khomeini (the titles)
  1. 1.       Regarding the War between Poverty and Richness/ Farshad Mo’meni
  2. 2.       Economy from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini/ Rasul Montakhabnia
  3. 3.       Social Justice in the View of Imam Khomeini/ Sayd Jamaloldin Musavi Isfahani
  4. 4.       Development of Justice in Imam Khomeini’s Opinion/ Mortaza Ezzati
  5. 5.       Imam Khomeini’s Attitude toward Islamic Economy/ Yahya Fowzi
  6. 6.       An Outlook on Taxes, on Khums, its Effects and Results/ M. Amir Nuri Kermani
  7. 7.       Religion and Development/ Mohamad Mansurnejad
  8. 8.       War between Poverty and Richness/ Ne’mat Akbari and Reza Nasr Esfahani
  9. 9.       An Outlook on Economic Growth and Cultural Development/ Shokr Khoda Heydari
  10. 10.   Freedom from Dependent Economy/ Alimohammad Akbari
  11. 11.   Aims and Bases for Ideological Islamic Economic System/ Mirmo’ezzi and Hadavinia
  12. 12.   Imam Khomeini’s Outlook on Islamic Economic System/ Ali Aminian
  13. 13.   Strategic Choosing in Development and Distribution/ Mohammadreza Yusofi
  14. 14.   Reviewing Ideas of Imam Khomeini about Governmental Economic Plans/ Firuzeh Azizi and Fatemeh Pasban
  15. 15.   Agriculture in Iran in the view of Imam Khomeini/ Mohamadhasan Ebrahimi
  16. 16.   Policies and Methods of Implementing the Strategy of Economic Insightful Development in the Imam’s idea/ Ruhollah Bayat
  17. 17.   Role of Women in Economy from the Viewpoint of the Imam/ Batul Aminjafari
  18. 18.   Investigation in Privatization and Changing Economic Structure in the third Plan with the Emphasis of Imam Khomeini’s view/ Ali Yusofinejad
  19. 19.   Imam Khomeini and a Simple Life/ Mohammadmehdi Karimi

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